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Focus and Scope

The International Multilingual Research Journal (IMRJ) invites scholarly contributions with strong interdisciplinary perspectives to understand and promote bi/multilingualism, bi/multi-literacy, and linguistic democracy. The journal's focus is on these topics as related to languages other than English as well as dialectal variations of English. It has three thematic emphases: The intersection of language and culture, the dialectics of the local and global, and comparative models within and across contexts. The IMRJ is committed to promoting equity, access, and social justice in education, and to offering accessible research and policy analyses to better inform scholars, educators, students, and policy makers

The IMRJ is particularly interested in scholarship grounded in interdisciplinary frameworks that offer insights from linguistics, applied linguistics, education, globalization and immigration studies, cultural psychology, linguistic and psychological anthropology, sociolinguistics, literacy studies, post-colonial studies, critical race theory, and critical theory and pedagogy. It seeks theoretical and empirical scholarship with implications for research, policy, and practice. Submissions of research articles based on quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods are encouraged.

The journal also includes a book review section.


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  • Alfredo Artiles
  • Jeff MacSwan
  • Qiong Xia
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Book reviews

  • Wayne Wright
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