07-066si: Subverting Cervantes: Language Authority in global Spanish

Clare Mar-Molinero


I seek here to situate Spanish as a global language by exploring both the top-down institutional processes that promote it, and the bottom-up grassroots actions that are also increasingly important in the spread and maintenance of global Spanish. I argue that one of the most important influences at present in the explosion of Spanish worldwide is that of the US Latinos and so examine how they engage with or are engaged by processes of linguistic globalisation. An important aspect of this is the commodification of Latinidad through diverse popular cultural outlets. Whilst manifesting examples of imposition by external agents, there are significant and growing instances of popular resistance to such hijacking and a desire for local ownership. In exploring the nature of this resistance within the Spanish-speaking community and worldwide, I will focus particularly on so-called Spanglish and contemporary Latino music, such as hip-hop and reggaet, as examples of
grassroots-initiated linguistic globalisation.

Key words
Global Spanish language spread / linguistic globalisation / language authority / Spanglish / reggaet / contact zones

Word count : 8,335