MOSF Journal of Science Fiction

Volume 1, Number 2

31 May 2016


Managing Editor:

Monica Louzon, MLS



Barbara Jasny, Ph.D.

Rachel Lazarus, Ph.D.

Heather McHale, Ph.D.


Editorial Assistant:

Alexander Cendrowski


Layout Design:

Andy Davies

L. Paul Miller


Editorial Board:

Nancy Kress

Charles E. Gannon, Ph.D.

Patrick Thaddeus Jackson, Ph.D.

Terence McSweeney, Ph.D.


Cover Art:

Thomas Stoop, “EGGS” (2015)


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Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content in keeping with the principle that

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Ecocritical Survival through Psychological Defense Mechanisms in M.R. Carey’s The Girl With All The Gifts,

by Ruzbeh Babaee, Sue Yen Lee, and Siamak Babaee. 


Stalin’s “Loss of Sensation”: Subversive Impulses in Soviet Science-Fiction of the Great Terror, by David Christopher.


Archival Domination in Fahrenheit 451, by Joseph Hurtgen.


Sherri L. Smith’s Orleans and Karen Sandler’s Tankborn: The Female Leader, the Neo-Slave Narrative, and Twenty-first Century Young Adult Afrofuturism, by Melanie Marotta.


Spanish Anarchism and the Utopian Novel in the 1930s: The Libertarian Society of the Future in El amor dentro de 200 años (Love in 200 Years) by Alfonso Martínez Rizo, by Mariano Martín Rodriguez.