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Mailing Address

4105 Hornbake Building, South Wing

College of Information Studies

University of Maryland College Park

College Park, MD 20742-1815

Principal Contact

Keren Dali

Editorial Responsibilities

Editorial Team

The Editor-in-Chief has the primary responsibility for handling submissions, reviews, external and internal communication, revisions, and the initial editing of manuscripts. If you have an idea for an article for IJIDI and would like to discuss it with the editorial team or if you have any questions about the journal, please write to the Keren Dali, IJIDI Editor-in-Chief.

Book review editors handle the logistics of selecting nonfiction and fiction books for review, selecting qualified reviewers, communicating with publishers and reviewers, and editing submitted reviews.

Associate editors are consulted as needed on the issues of submission suitability; appropriate reviewers; problematic communication; conflict resolution; and similar routine or exceptional situations.

Copy editors handle the copyediting of finalized manuscripts for grammar and style once they have undergone editing by one of the co-editors. Copy editors are also responsible for the bibliographic verification of references and composing Author Queries.

Managing editors handle the logistics of the post-review and production process, including page layout, proofs, mounting articles on the website, and timely communication with authors on these issues.

Editorial Board & Reviewers

The journal has an Editorial Board composed of international experts who advise on and assist with reviewing, decision making, strategizing, and journal operations.

IJIDI also works with a contingent of dedicated reviewers composed of scholars and practitioners in the field.


Support Contact

Managing editors