Calls for Papers


Calls for Papers:

International Journal of Information, Diversity, and Inclusion (IJIDI) - Special Issue

"Pilgrimage and Diversity in the Information Age"

Guest Editors:

Dr. Nadia Caidi (University of Toronto, Canada) –

Dr. Perla Innocenti (Northumbria University, UK) –


Religious and secular pilgrimages have been part of human history since the beginning of time and remain very much alive today, whether it is the Holy Land, the Hajj, Lhasa, Kumbh Mela, Char Dham, or else the Camino de Santiago, Kumano Kodo, Glastonbury Tor, Elvis’s Graceland, national parks, or war memorials. Pilgrimage has been an object of study across disciplines: in art, architecture, and heritage, history, literature, social anthropology, religious studies, and tourism, among others. Yet, as a research context in information science, pilgrimage has been surprisingly overlooked. Similarly, while a body of work investigated religious tolerance and pluralism, few scholars explicitly addressed contemporary questions of diversity and inclusion in pilgrimage studies. There seems to be an intrinsic tension between the message of oneness, unity, equality, and personal self-abnegation advocated by some religious pilgrimages and the actual representation and expression of diversity in pilgrimages. At the same time, the phenomena of religious tourism and secular pilgrimages—from music-themed to political—may be conducive to expanding the diversity and inclusion repertoires of pilgrimage scholars.

This Special Issue of IJIDI will address this gap by offering a combined information and diversity perspective to the study of pilgrimage; shedding light on the approaches and concepts that can enrich our understanding of the pilgrim’s journey and it complexities through the lens of information and media practices, embodied experiences, memory work, discourses and practices around diversity, curation practices, and community building in a global and digital world. This holistic approach will pave the way for a broader conversation on social phenomenology and the diversity of human information behaviours and religious/spiritual practices in the context of pilgrimage.

IJIDI welcomes a broad spectrum of submissions on any topics related to information, diversity, and pilgrimage, on the topic that include but not limited to the following questions:

  • What research approaches are most suitable for exploring pilgrimage from the standpoint of diversity and inclusion in a global, networked environment?
  • What framework would best account for the diverse informational rituals related to pilgrimage (including material, symbolic, affective dimensions)? 
  • What is the current and future role of cultural and memory institutions as resources on, and sites for, the documentation and curation of experiences and rituals in our networked world?
  • How can we best understand the role played by meaning-making, authenticity, value-making, and performativity in the context of a diverse set of pilgrimages?
  • How are pilgrimage traditions evolving in an age of migration and displacement? For example, what is the role of secondary shrines and new pilgrimage sites?

We invite full papers, as well as shorter submissions for our special section; these may include work in progress, reports from the field, doctoral projects, and theory-to-practice pieces.


Submission Process – Important Dates

May 31, 2018: Expressions of interest (name, role and affiliation; 100 words description including the current stage of the research)

August 1, 2018: Full paper submission

August 21, 2018: Peer review notification

October 1, 2018: Revised paper submission

• January 2019: Special issue published


Author Guidelines and Peer Review Process

Please consult IJIDI Author Guidelines at and IJIDI Peer Review Process at

Any questions related to this issue should be addressed to Guest Editors, Dr. Nadia Caidi ( or Dr. Perla Innocenti(



Call for Papers:

The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion (IJIDI) –  Special Issue

"Diversity and Reading"

Guest Editor: Vanessa Irvin, Assistant Professor, Library and Information Science Program, University of Hawai'i at M.noa. Email:

The IJIDI invites submissions for a themed issue dedicated to research on the intersection of reading practices and diversity and inclusion in libraries, archives, information centers, cultural heritage institutions, museums, bookstores, publishing, and a wide variety of social-cultural, private, and geo-political contexts. Research generated by international scholars and/or focusing on reading around the world is particularly welcome.    IJIDI welcomes a broad spectrum of submissions on any topics related to diversity and reading, including, but not limited to, topics such as:

• collection practices and representations of reading interests of diverse groups of readers 
• conceptual considerations of reading in libraries, archives, and documentation centers, including theoretical ideas from information science, critical theory, reader response theory, new literacy studies, cultural theory, indigenous epistemology, etc. 
• history of reading as a reflection of diversity 
• publishing and diversity 
• impacts of reading interests/practices of librarians and/or library staff on library services to diverse groups of readers 
• impacts of digital technologies on reading practices of diverse groups of readers 
• preservation practices of texts from diverse cultures 
• reading as a means of cultural immersion 
• reading as a literacy practice of diverse groups of readers 
• reading and other leisure and entertainment practices in diverse communities  
• reading and information literacy in diverse populations  
• publishing, libraries, book trade, censorship, and reading practices around the world 

 We also invite shorter submissions for our special section; these may include work in progress, reports from the field, student projects, and theory-to-practice pieces.

Author Guidelines

• Please consult IJIDI author guidelines at  

 Submission Process

• Expressions of interest (up to 250 words - include your name, affiliation, and topic of interest) sent to Guest Editor by June 15, 2018. 
• Acceptance notices sent to authors by July 15, 2018. 
• Papers submitted by October 1, 2018. 
• Publication scheduled for the April 2019 issue. 
• Please consult IJIDI submission timeline and process at  

 Any questions related to this issue should be addressed to Guest Editor, Vanessa Irvin, at  


Call for Papers:

The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion (IJIDI) –  Special Issue

"Health Justice"

We invite contributions for a special issue of The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion (IJIDI) on the topic of Health Justice. We welcome full research papers that make some novel contribution, whether empirical, methodological, theory-based, and/or practical in nature. We will also have a special section for student work, works in progress, opinion pieces, and professional reports. This issue will be edited by Beth St. Jean (, Gagan Jindal (, and Yuting Liao (, and is scheduled for publication in July 2019. Extended abstracts of up to 1,000 words for full research papers and up to 500 words for contributions to the special section are due by June 25, 2018. Authors will be notified of acceptance by mid-July, and final papers will be due by December 1, 2018.

We seek submissions from a wide array of disciplines and perspectives for this special issue of IJIDI focused on the important topic of health justice. Health justice, which is based on the conviction that every human being is morally entitled to a sufficient and equitable capability to be healthy, remains largely unrealized throughout the world. In North America, for example, evidence of health injustice is not difficult to find. Disadvantaged populations, including those who have lower incomes, are less well educated, and/or belong to minority or immigrant populations are much more likely to have limited health literacy, which has been found to be strongly correlated with poorer health outcomes. Health injustice is endemic worldwide, and it is important to uncover its causes and consequences, as well as to identify ways in which we can contribute toward its prevention and amelioration.

The goal of this special issue is to bring together researchers who focus specifically on health justice and/or social justice within a health-related context. The central focus will be on the various types of information-related factors and processes that are central to the achievement of health justice, such as the health information needs of disadvantaged and/or marginalized populations; their health information seeking and use practices; and the provision of health information to these populations. We also welcome submissions examining closely related issues, such as information access, health literacy, health communication, use/usability of consumer health information technology, patient experience, stigma, information poverty, information avoidance, etc. Submissions focusing on health justice around the world and research produced internationally are particularly welcome.

Currently, much of the work in this space is dispersed across multiple disciplines and many different journals within each of these disciplines. This special issue will be an opportunity for readers and researchers to come together in one space to learn about and share their work on this very important topic. If you have any questions regarding this call, please contact the issue editors. For IJIDI Author Guidelines, please see:

Schedule: Call for Papers: April 2018
Extended Abstracts due: June 25, 2018 (with notification of acceptance by mid-July 2018)
Accepted Papers due: December 1, 2018
Peer Review: January 2019
Revised Papers due: February 28, 2019
Publication: July 2019 (issue 3)